ankle brace

Ankle injuries include sprains that is an injury to the ligament and a fracture that is a break in a bone. Tendons join muscles to bones and cartilage cushions the joints. Your doctor will decide on the right kind of treatment and may recommed braces or supports. There are different types of ankle supports and we can fill in your requirements.

knee brace

Knee problems can cause pain and difficulty in walking. Injuries to ligaments and tendons can also cause knee problems. ACL ligament injury is a common and is caused due to sudden twisting motion. Arthritis is one of the disease that affects bones in your knees. Knee braces fall into different categories. They are Prophylatic Braces, Functional braces, Rehabilitative braces, Unloader braces and Knee sleeves. Based on the suggestion of your knee specialist we can get you the right kind of knee brace/ support.

back brace

Back injuries are caused from sports injuries, work around the house or in the garden, or due to car accidents. Common back injuries are Sprains and strains, herniated disks and fractured vertebrae. A healthly body weight, and balance while lifting weights can help to minimize the pain. Limiting the motion of spine can enhance the healing process. There are various types of knee braces including Rigid braces and Corset braces.

wrist brace

Made either of fabric, plastic, these are worn around the wrist, than can serve either of the two functions, Immobilize the joint or provide flexible support. The most common wrist injury is Carpal Tunnel syndrome.Poor wrist support while using computer for long hours is one of the reasons for that injury. A rigid support with metal / plastic fitting inside can help.